How to Floss While You Have Braces

How to Floss While You Have Braces

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Flossing with braces can be challenging, but protecting your child's oral health is essential. If your child does not properly floss while they have braces, they could be vulnerable to gum disease, tooth decay, and even losing teeth in adulthood.

When your child has braces, a simple spool of floss is not enough to get the job done. This blog will explain how you can easily floss your child's teeth with braces.

Floss Threaders

A floss threader is the best tool for getting in between teeth with braces. The threader is a soft, blunt-ended "needle" with a large eye on one end for threading floss. Holding the ends of the floss, pass the threader behind the wire. You can then floss each tooth one at a time. Make a loose "C" shape with the floss, and ensure you are going down past the gum line.

Water Flossers

Many parents purchase a water flossing device instead of dental floss. The water flossing device uses a pressurized stream to get between the teeth and remove debris and plaque. A water flosser may be extra helpful if your child has a strong gag reflex that makes flossing challenging.

Parental Assistance

Even if your child has been brushing and flossing on their own for years, you will likely need to help them learn to become accustomed to keeping their teeth clean with braces. Supervise your child's brushing and flossing for at least the first few months and check the results to ensure they are complying.

Tips to Protect Your Child's Oral Health With Braces

Braces can make a lasting difference in a child's smile, but unfortunately, poor oral care can lead to severe problems both in the short term and later in life. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your child's teeth with braces:

Frequent Cleanings

Many pediatric dentists and orthodontists recommend having braces patients' teeth cleaned every three months instead of every six. The hygienist can expertly remove plaque and food particles and check your child's flossing results.

Careful Diet Choices

Many children find braces frustrating because they must avoid many of their favorite foods. Ensure that your child knows why the restrictions are in place and follow them without any exceptions.

Electric Toothbrush Use

An electric toothbrush may be a great option for a child with braces. They clean better and more efficiently than traditional brushes. However, your child still needs to brush for the full two minutes and ensure that all tooth surfaces receive attention.

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