What Is An Orthodontic Emergency?

What Is An Orthodontic Emergency?

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If you or your child experiences a sudden problem with your orthodontic appliances or a mouth injury, you may not know what to do next. Fortunately, there are not many true emergencies where orthodontic appliances are concerned.

This blog will cover what situations are true orthodontic emergencies and which are less urgent, along with how to deal with them at home.

Orthodontic Emergencies

The following situations should be considered orthodontic emergencies. Call us as soon as possible to determine your best course of action. If you have uncontrolled bleeding or oral trauma, seek emergency medical care before calling the dentist.

  • Injury to the face, teeth, or mouth
  • Swelling, infected, or bleeding gums, face, or mouth
  • Swallowed bracket or band
  • Severe oral pain that does not respond to care measures

Minor Orthodontic Emergencies

Some orthodontic problems require prompt treatment, but others can wait until your next appointment. Call us to determine whether or not your issue can wait. We can help you assess whether or not you need to come in immediately.

Here are several problems you may encounter and what you can do for them at home:

Loose Brackets

If you have a loose or dislodged bracket, we must replace it immediately. Unfortunately, there are no viable self-care options for this issue. Please call our office for a prompt appointment.

Broken Wires

A broken wire may result from eating too-hard or crunchy foods with the front teeth. Broken wires can poke the inside of your mouth, causing discomfort. Call our office first for instructions. We may recommend clipping the broken part of the wire with nail clippers or tweezers and applying orthodontic wax to coat the broken end and prevent further injury.

Derailed Wires

This problem happens when the wire slips out of its bracket. You may be able to put it back with a cotton swab or pencil eraser. Call us to have the wire repositioned and checked for any problems that could have caused it to pop loose.

Lost Bands or Brackets

If you lose a band or bracket, keep it and bring it to your next appointment. Call us to determine whether you need to come in beforehand.

Preventing Orthodontic Emergencies

You can prevent most orthodontic emergencies if you properly care for your braces. Here are some tips to reduce possible problems:

  • Do not eat hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky foods like whole apples, corn, nuts, and taffy
  • Keep your teeth and braces as clean as possible, using interproximal brushes and floss threaders whenever necessary

Call Attleboro Pediatric Dentistry

An orthodontic emergency can be a scary situation, especially when you are caring for a child. Please call our office at 508-409-6160 to determine whether your orthodontic problem is an emergency and how soon we recommend you come into the office.